A woman was taken into custody by Miramar Police after a robbery at a Publix in Miramar, during which she threatened to detonate the place. The woman has been recognized as Rebeca Rodriguez.

The incident took place on Saturday at the Publix located at 9951 Miramar Parkway. 

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Rebeca Rodriguez was taken into custody by Miramar Police during a heist at a Publix in Miramar during which she made threats to blow up the store. The event took place at the Publix located at 9951 Miramar Parkway on Saturday. Following that, Rodriguez was placed under arrest by the authorities.

Who is Rebeca Rodriguez?

Rebeca Navarro Rodriguez was charged with robbery with sudden snatching, according to police.

She allegedly entered the grocery shop and handed a note to a worker demanding money under the threat of setting off an explosive device, according to a police statement.

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Rodriguez left the store, but not before the clerk was able to write down her license plate, according to WTVJ. After that, the police tracked down Rodriguez’s car and pulled her over, which led to her arrest. The police have charged Rodriguez with robbery with quick snatching.

According to a Miramar Police statement, the woman entered the store and gave a note to a staff member threatening to blow up the supermarket with an explosive device if she didn’t get her money.

The employee, according to the statement, managed to collect the getaway car’s license plate information after leaving the site and reported it to the police right after.

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After locating the car and conducting a traffic stop, detectives were able to apprehend the driver, who was later identified as Rebeca Navarro Rodriguez.