A woman is facing severe criticism after she posted a video of her mocking Israelis pleading for the return of kidnapped Israelis by Hamas, on Instagram. The woman has been identified as Shakeba Morrad.

After the now-deleted video went viral on social media. Several people criticized her for her actions and behavior.

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Who is Shakeba Morrad?

Shakeba Morrad is reportedly an appellate attorney at the Office of General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

She faced harsh criticism after her actions went viral on social media. Several people and internet users criticized her for mocking Israelis who are pleading for the return of kidnapped civilians by Hamas.

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Several X users reacted to the surfaced video and called her out for mocking people. One X user wrote, “@DeptVetAffairs why do you tolerate someone like this? Americans were killed on Oct.7 and there are Americans who are still hostages while she is making fun of efforts to get them back safely. She doesn’t represent a private firm. She represents the U.S.Government. Do something !”

“@POTUS @ShelleyGspan should this horrible person be representing the US government in court?” another user tweeted.

Several social media users raised questions about her job and the way she behaved. One X user tweeted, “How are there so many depraved people all over our society??? #humanityisdoomed”

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The October 7 massacre and the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel have resulted in a notable increase in anti-Semitic incidents and acts of hate towards Jews in the US and around the world. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in the first two weeks following the start of the Middle East crisis—which was triggered by a Hamas attack on Israel—anti-Semitic incidents in the US surged by about 400%.