A man has been taken into custody by police in relation to a series of gunshots that have left two police officers injured and at least six others dead. The man has been identified as Shane James.

He is accused of carrying out a string of shootings in central Texas on Tuesday and has been detained and charged by police.

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Who is Shane James?

Shane James is 34 years old. He was taken into Travis County Jail early on Wednesday morning, where he is being charged with four counts of capital murder and three unidentified out-of-jurisdiction offenses. 

The incident started at a high school in the state capital of Texas shortly before eleven in the morning, when the suspect—James, according to the report—allegedly shot a police officer from the Austin Independent School District. After this, according to the authorities, he went to a house in the city’s southern neighborhood, where he is accused of shooting and killing a man and a woman. 

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James was also associated with another incident that occurred in the same southern region around 5 p.m., which involved a male cyclist. In the latter event, the suspect himself sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

When the suspect responded to a 911 call about a burglary two hours later, he injured another Austin police officer in the southwest area of the city. This sparked a fast-paced pursuit that ended with James’s arrest. When they went back to the intended residence, they found two more bodies.

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By Tuesday night, authorities had disclosed that the same suspect was connected to the ‘grisly’ killing of a couple in their fifties, whose bodies were discovered in a San Antonio bedroom some 80 miles outside of Austin.

Just before noon, the suspect shot a school resource officer close to Northeast Early College High School’s football field, drawing the attention of police authorities and resulting in a four-hour school lockdown.