Author Shawn Warner saw a surprising increase in popularity after a TikTok video of his empty book signing went viral. 

His book “Leigh Howard and the Ghosts of Simmons-Pierce Manor” was moved to the top of Amazon’s selling list overnight after the video touched viewers’ emotions, in return they responded in force.

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Who is Shawn Warner?

Shawn Warner is a 58-year-old writer, who hails from Arlington, Texas. Recently, a video starring Shawn Warner was uploaded by Red, a TikTok content maker. 

In the video, Shawn was seen sitting in front of a table covered in copies of his book, but not many others were present. After this, Red decided to aid in Shawn’s social media promotion after spotting the potential. 

The popular video garnered a lot of attention and encouraged viewers to rush out and buy their own copies of Shawn’s book. After enduring a sales slowdown, the sales boom drove Shawn onto the bestseller list, giving him a stunning turnaround. The author after the turnaround expressed his gratitude for the newfound support and interest in his work while openly acknowledging the effects of the popular video.

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Red approached Shawn and expressed his desire to film him. In the viral clip, Warner can be seen describing the story saying it is about, “a teenage girl who teams up with a ghost with multiple personalities to solve the mystery of her parents’ murder.”

Creator questioned Shawn why he decided to write murder mysteries. In response, Shawn said that he has always been fascinated by mysteries and has been a fan of them since he was young. Excited by Shawn’s response, Red asks Shawn to sign a book that he wants to give as a gift to one of his 24,900 followers. The viral video has now been watched more than 17.4 million times.

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Several Twitter users shared their reactions on the platform. One user tweeted, “Omg! I totally met Shawn M. Warner, the author who is going viral on TikTok, at a convention last month! I still have the sticker that he gave me! He seemed like a very nice person and I’m so happy that he’s seeing success. What an inspiration!”