Republican Rep Stefani Lord from New Mexico posted a receipt from Costco that shows that she paid nearly $800 for 58 items at the store. Lord blamed President Joe Biden for the level of inflation, citing the receipt that went viral.

“Thanks, Joe Biden! $799.38 for ONE full cart at Costco with 58 items and only 9 non-food items like paper towels, plastic bags, trash bags, and razors,” she wrote on Twitter.

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Immediately after her receipt went viral on Twitter, people started criticizing her for whining about paying $800 at Costco, a place where people are known to buy household items in bulk.

“This is just plain stupid. Complaining about a store that has a membership fee and sells everything in bulk. Who buys 58 items at COSTCO and expects it to be cheap?” one user wrote. “I got a delicious hotdog and soda at Costco for a $1.50. Thanks President Biden,” another user wrote sarcastically. A third commented, “Costco sells items in bulk. 800 divided by 58 is 14. That means the average item you bought, in bulk, cost $14 dollars. Stop blaming Joe Biden for your faulty logic and horrible math skills. Stop gaslighting. Grow up, dummy.”

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A fourth wrote, “When a super wealthy person THINKS they are relating to us by grocery shopping once….PS. As a Costco expert…$800 for 58 items? This means each bulk item was only approx $10-$15 per which I vouch is usual Costco prices. But WHO buys 58 bulk items for daily personal use?!” A fifth said, “$800 / 58 items = $13.80 per item. At a bulk-item grocery store, where large quantities per item are sold (e.g., 3 large bottles of lotion = 1 item)—this is not ridiculous. The average shopper buys 9 items. I’m a Costco shopper; I couldn’t imagine buying 58 items for home use.”

Who is Stefani Lord?

Stefani Lord is serving as a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives from the 22nd district. She was elected in 2020 and assumed office on January 19, 2021.

She was born in Los Angeles, California. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Portland State University in 2000. n 1997, Lord moved from Los Angeles to Idaho. She later relocated to Los Alamos, New Mexico to work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory

Although multiple users pointed out to Lord that her math was not adding up when it comes to her claims, she did not back down from her claims.

In a follow-up tweet, she gleefully wrote, “I’m laughing at how #triggered the #progressive left-wingers are about my Costco receipt. ‘sHoW tHe rEcEiPt oR iTs fAkE!’ Nope, it’s real, and all 58 items are food but 9 small purchase items like paper towels, razors, etc. No alcohol, no tires, no electronics, no big purchases, no steaks, no junk food, no sugary foods, no vitamins, no cosmetics, no medicine, and no soda. Lots of frozen broccoli, if you must know, and two packs of chicken thighs. And it wouldn’t matter if I showed the cart and the receipt and took a lie-detector test; you’d still protect Biden’s inflation and reckless spending. Here is the receipt for more triggering. #BidensEconomy.”

Since her original tweet, Lord has restricted who can comment on her tweet, probably due to the backlash. Only the people she follows or has mentioned can comment on her tweet.