Colorado’s Rep. Lauren Boebert and Maryland’s Rep. Steny Hoyer clashed on the House floor over immigration-related amendments to a spending bill.

Watch the video below:

Who is Steny Hoyer?

Steny Hoyer (x/@craigcaplan)

Steny Hoyer is a well-known American politician who has represented Maryland’s 5th congressional district since 1981. He has served in a variety of major leadership positions in the House of Representatives, including House Majority Leader. Hoyer is well-known for his long political career, substantial legislative expertise, and involvement in a variety of domestic and foreign policy concerns.

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During his tenure, he has advocated for American manufacturing and the U.S. economy through programs such as the Make It In America plan. Hoyer’s attitude on major topics includes support for abortion rights, affirmative action, and LGBT rights, as well as support for stronger gun control legislation.

Throughout his political career, Hoyer has held many leadership roles in the House, including House Majority Leader and House Minority Whip. He was influential during Democratic and Republican House control of the House.

Furthermore, he has been actively involved in international policy issues, such as promoting civilian nuclear cooperation with India and voicing opinions on Middle Eastern crises, such as supporting Israel and its actions.

Hoyer has endured personal problems, such as the cancer-related death of his wife. He has been an advocate for a variety of topics, including early childhood education and epilepsy research, which has affected his family.

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Steny Hoyer’s political career spans several decades, making him one of the most experienced and prominent members of the United States Congress. He recently announced that he will not run for office in the 118th Congress.