Cyndi Robinson, the former wife of legendary radio DJ Steve Wright, has garnered attention amid the mourning following Wright’s recent passing at the age of 69. While Wright’s career in broadcasting captivated millions, little is known about the woman who once shared his life.

Robinson and Wright’s union began in 1980, marked by a swift courtship that led to marriage. However, their matrimonial bliss was short-lived, enduring for only twelve years. In 1999, the couple decided to part ways, culminating in a finalized divorce that same year. 

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The pair’s separation left Cyndi Robinson as a single mother to their two children: a son named Tom Wright and a daughter named Lucy Wright. Following the divorce, Robinson assumed sole custody of their children, shouldering the responsibility of raising them on her own.

Who is Cyndi Robinson?

Steve Wright (x/@pipjcee)

Despite the dissolution of their marriage, Cyndi Robinson remains connected to the legacy of Steve Wright, the renowned broadcaster who charmed listeners with his distinctive voice and engaging radio programs. However, details regarding Robinson’s life post-divorce remain elusive, as she has largely remained out of the public eye.

In contrast to her former husband’s prominence in the media landscape, Robinson’s life remains shrouded in relative obscurity. While Wright’s professional endeavors earned him accolades and recognition, Robinson’s contributions to their family and her own endeavors remain undisclosed to the public.

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As the world mourns the loss of Steve Wright, Cyndi Robinson remains a figure of intrigue, offering glimpses into the personal life of a man whose public persona overshadowed the details of his domestic existence. Despite the brevity of their marriage, Robinson’s role in the life of the iconic DJ serves as a reminder of the complexities that lie beyond the spotlight of fame.