A California equestrian identified as Tatyana Remley, is accused of hiring a hitman to kill her estranged husband, claims in divorce documents filed in July.

She claimed that her husband pursued her around their ranch house in Del Mar, San Diego, brandishing a knife. She further alleged that he threatened her by pointing a gun at her head while brandishing it.

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Who is Tatyana Remley?

Tatyana Remley is a 42-year-old. She gained fame for producing a disastrous multi-million dollar horse show, Valitar, in 2013. The 42-year-old woman further claimed that her husband had been there during a terrifying episode in which one of his friends had sexually raped her while holding a gun to her head.

Tatyana claimed that after a business venture failed, Mark had a breakdown that led to him firing guns inside their Rancho Santa Fe home in an unfinished divorce suit she filed back in 2015.

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Following Tatyana’s detention at a Starbucks on August 2, where she was accused of attempting to pay a friend $2 million to kill her husband, these shocking accusations surfaced. 

After just four performances of their ambitious $10 million series of horse exhibitions, known as Valitar, the couple, Tatyana Remley and Mark Remley, first came to the public’s attention more than ten years ago.

Tatyana filed for divorce from her 57-year-old husband on July 11 after what appeared to be a decline in their relationship over time. As a result of her husband discovering a plan to have him killed and immediately informing law enforcement, Tatyana was unexpectedly detained in the early days of August as part of a sting operation.

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The Remleys, who were married in 2011, had a turbulent marriage characterized by numerous divorce petitions over the course of a decade before this incident occurred. There were allegations in the recent divorce filing that Mark had pursued his wife on their property while flashing a weapon and brandishing a knife as a threat.