Tomasz Roman Kosowski, 44, was detained in connection with the disappearance of Steven Cozzi, a Pinellas County attorney with Blanchard Law, P.A., according to a Sunday press release from the Largo Police Department.

Cozzi was last seen on Tuesday, March 21, before going missing under mysterious circumstances. Three days later, police notified the press that he had disappeared.

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Who is Tomasz Roman Kosowski?

Tomasz Roman Kosowski is a plastic surgeon from Tampa, Florida who is accused of the murder of a missing lawyer, Steven Cozzi.

On March 26, 2023, a news release from the Largo Police Department stated, “The Largo Police Department has arrested 44-year-old Tomasz Roman Kosowski and charged him with First Degree Murder in regard to the missing person, Steven Cozzi.”

Police discovered that Steven Cozzi had abandoned his wallet, car keys, and mobile when he left his workplace at 1501 S. Belcher Road. He left behind his car but was never spotted leaving the building.

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According to authorities, there were little drops of blood and a strong chemical odor in the office’s men’s lavatory during the inquiry. A substantial amount of blood was found later in the same bathroom, according to a forensics investigation.

While searching for a possible suspect who was spotted at the workplace around the time Cozzi vanished, detectives zeroed in on Kosowski as the culprit. According to court documents from Pinellas County, Florida, Cozzi worked for the Blanchard Law Group, which was defending former coworkers who were being sued by Kosowski in an ongoing negligence case.

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Although Cozzi’s body has not yet been discovered, Kosowski was detained on Saturday in Tarpon Springs after more evidence was unearthed during a search of his home.

Kosowski was arrested early on Sunday and is being held without bail at the Pinellas County Prison. There was no attorney listed in the jail or court records who could represent him.