Vanessa Horabuena speed-painted Donald Trump’s oil portrait at the Waco, Texas rally on Saturday as the former President’s airplane landed at the venue.

Social media users were in awe of Horabuena as she painted Trump’s face. Thousands of attendees at the Waco rally cheered for the artist.

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“As Trump Force One lands, Christian artist Vanessa Horabuena speed-paints a portrait of President Trump before he takes the stage in Waco, Texas,” a Twitter user said.

“Vanessa Horabuena paints from the heart! Proof that God is with President Trump when she is called to paint his picture! She is live at the Waco Rally right now!” another one added.

“Who is that lady painting Trump’s portrait on stage right now? That’s actually amazing! I love this. Could you imagine Hunter Biden doing a portrait of Sleepy Joe on stage at one of Biden’s rallies? Oh wait. Biden can’t have rallies,” a third one said on Twitter.

Who is Vanessa Horabuena?

Vanessa Horabuena is a Christian Worship Artist and Performance Speed Painter. She is a  self-taught artist and a Donald Trump supporter.

Horabuena also has a website where she uploads her latest paintings.

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“My passion is to create original pieces that tell unique stories and connect you with God in your home, office, and daily life. By blending the beauty of art and worship, I hope to create unique pieces that can encourage you in your own walk of faith. In the storefront you will find various pieces (canvas, giclee, sketches and more) that provide you with a piece of God’s word and fit your style, speak to your heart, and remind you of all HE does for us,” she says about her passion on her website.

Vanessa Horabuena recently uploaded a picture with Trump on social media. She was with the former President at the CPAC in Washington DC.

“What an incredible experience this was! At CPAC in DC, I got to take my second photo with President Donald J. TRUMP. The night before he spoke at this event, Ireceived a text from his team that he would like to meet with me and that I would have a photo opportunity with him. I was through the roof!!! 😆🙌🏽🇺🇸He expressed to me how much he loved the gift painting I gave to him. ☺️🙌🏽. What an experience and what an honor! I’m looking forward to this next year and praying continually for President Trump as he presses on to fight against the evil and corruption that is in our government today. As a nation we stand, as a nation we fall…I am so glad we have a leader that is taking a stand…a stand for what is good, just and right… a stand for Christian values!!! God be with him and God be with this great country!” her caption read.