A double amputee who attempted to flee arrest by leaping out of his wheelchair and hopping away was reportedly shot dead by California police on January 26.

Officers started firing at Anthony Lowe Jr., a 36-year-old man, and allegedly shot him about ten times. According to his family, Lowe had lost both of his legs in a previous interaction with Texas police.

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Who was Anthony Lowe Jr.?

Anthony Lowe Jr was 36 years old and a father of two children. Following an encounter with Texas police, he ended up losing the lower half of both of his legs. “This is a man, a father, a son, and a brother who was gunned down by the police. So, that is what matters to us right now,” said Lowe’s sister, Yatoya Toy.

His mother claimed that he informed her he was heading to McDonald’s on the day of the tragic police shooting. According to a family spokesperson, Lowe was also in the midst of a mental health issue at the time of the tragic event.

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How did Lowe die?

According to a report from the Huntington Park Police, officers came across a victim with multiple stab wounds who claimed being attacked by a Black man in a wheelchair, who was supposedly Anthony Lowe Jr. According to the victim, the violence was unprovoked and despite the victim’s life-threatening condition, they directed police to Lowe.

Based on the police report, Anthony Lowe was carrying a 12-inch butcher knife when they came across him. Before being fatally shot, police said that Lowe had refused orders to drop the knife, had threatened them with it, and had failed to be subdued by a stun gun.

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The family now is actively pressing the department to provide information on Lowe’s death.