David Longoria, aged 39, met a tragic end in an officer-involved shooting near East 82nd Street and MLK Jr. Boulevard on Tuesday, following an attempt to evade Texas Anti-Gang investigators, as reported by LPD (Lubbock Police Department).

Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office was on the lookout for a suspect accused of shooting at a deputy on Monday. Longoria, who had fled the scene, remained elusive until Tuesday. Janice Murray and Carolyn Sinklier, both 24, were apprehended on Monday in connection with the earlier incident.

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Who was David Longoria?

LPD revealed that Longoria was located on Tuesday in the vicinity of County Road 2500 and East County Road 7110. Just before noon, when investigators approached, Longoria attempted to flee and reportedly brandished a firearm, leading investigators to discharge multiple shots in response.

Despite efforts by officers to administer life-saving measures, Longoria was pronounced dead at the scene. A comprehensive multi-agency investigation is currently in progress.

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In adherence to standard procedure, all officers involved in the incident, including three LCSO (Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office) deputies, one LPD officer, and a Texas Department of Public Safety special agent, have been placed on administrative leave. The case is being actively investigated by the Metropolitan Special Crimes Unit and the Texas Rangers, according to LPD.