Gary Graham, acclaimed for roles in Alien Nation and Star Trek, passes away at 73. Explore his career, wife, net worth, and more.

Who was Gary Graham?

Gary Graham (x/@warpfactortrek)

Gary Graham, the versatile American actor, musician, and author, known for his impactful roles in Alien Nation and Star Trek, breathed his last on January 22, 2024, at the age of 73. With a career spanning five decades, Graham made significant contributions to television, movies, and the music scene.

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Born on June 6, 1950, in Long Beach, California, Graham’s early career included roles in the 1980 CBS mini-series Scruples and the television show Moonlighting alongside Bruce Willis. His musical endeavors included bands like The Gary Graham Garage Band and The Sons of Kirk.

Graham’s notable television roles featured Detective Matthew Sikes in Alien Nation (1989–1990) and its subsequent TV movies. In the Star Trek franchise, he portrayed Ambassador Soval in Star Trek: Enterprise and made a guest appearance on Star Trek: Voyager.

In the film industry, Graham left his mark with appearances in Hardcore, Robot Jox, and other films. He also ventured into directing, making his debut with the film Interviews in 2008.

Graham also made appearances as the “Smoking Jacket Guy” in the introduction and other scenes in the Internet gaming show The Jace Hall Show. He played Dr. David Macavoy in the web series Universal Dead.

Cause of Death and Wife:

The news of Graham’s passing was shared by his ex-wife, Susan Lavelle, on Facebook. She expressed deep sadness, remembering Graham’s sense of humor, kindness, and devotion to their daughter, Haylee.

Net Worth:

As fans mourn the loss of a talented actor, Graham’s legacy lives on through his memorable performances and contributions to the entertainment world. The cause of his death has not been disclosed. Graham’s net worth, estimated at $5 million, reflects the success and recognition he achieved throughout his illustrious career.

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Graham’s death marks the end of a remarkable journey, leaving behind a rich tapestry of performances cherished by audiences worldwide.