A 14-year-old from Massachusetts tragically passed away on Friday, just hours after participating in the widely popular “One Chip Challenge,” which, according to the family, may have played a role in his sudden demise, as per reports.

Who was Harris Wolobah?

Harris Wolobah, a sophomore enrolled at Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester, partook in a challenge of consuming an extremely spicy Paqui chip while at school. Soon after, he complained of severe stomach discomfort, which was recounted by his mother, Lois, to NBC 10 Boston.

After his family picked him up and brought him home, Harris initially appeared to be feeling better. However, he was subsequently discovered unconscious when he had intended to attend basketball tryouts, according to his mother’s account.

Promptly, the young teenager was rushed to a nearby hospital but was tragically pronounced dead.

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As of now, an official cause of death remains unconfirmed, pending the results of the autopsy. Nonetheless, Harris’ mother conveyed to NBC 10 Boston that she believes her son’s passing may be linked to complications arising from the consumption of the fiery snack.

The manufacturer of the chip includes a warning on its website, cautioning consumers about the potential adverse medical effects associated with eating this snack.

Part of the challenge tests how long a person who ate the chip can last before eating or drinking anything else for relief.

The Paqui brand’s website includes a statement specifying that the chip should only be consumed by adults.

Additionally, it offers guidance, suggesting that individuals should promptly seek medical help if they encounter issues such as difficulty breathing, fainting, or persistent nausea.

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The brand also emphasizes the importance of hand hygiene after handling the chip, advising individuals to wash their hands with soap and to avoid touching their eyes or other sensitive areas.

This year’s chip variant contains Carolina Reaper Pepper and Naga Viper Pepper, as detailed on the website.

The Worcester public schools chief expressed her condolences and acknowledged the loss of a promising individual within the school community. Worcester Schools Superintendent Rachel Monarrez, reported by Boston 25, stated, “As a mother and educator, I cannot fathom how difficult this must be for his family, friends, and teachers.”