Jagger Shaw, an eighth-grader from Nebraska, passed away after consuming a granola bar that had been given to him by a teacher. A Nebraska school district has decided to pay his family $1 million in compensation.

At its meeting on Monday night, the Papillion La Vista school board will decide whether to approve the accidental death agreement with the family of 14-year-old Shaw. Due to the fact that the settlement was made through a probate court procedure and not a civil case, court records only briefly describe what occurred in May of last year.

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Who was Jagger Shaw?

Born in 2015 to Tom Shaw and Jill Shaw, Jagger Shaw was a middle schooler from Nebraska who died on March 13, 2022 after eating a granola bar given to him by his teacher.

Shaw became ill and developed an allergic response after receiving a snack from a teacher at Liberty Middle School in Nebraska. Jagger was taken to a nearby hospital, where he subsequently passed away; the settlement will be paid by the school district’s liability insurer.

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Jagger’s parents, Tom and Jill Shaw, refused to comment on the settlement to the Omaha World-Herald, but his father stated on Facebook that Jagger’s teacher at Liberty Middle School offered him a granola bar after he requested to go to the office for a snack.

Jagger took it, started eating it, and about halfway through, felt like he was beginning to have an allergic reaction. He then went to the nurse’s office, according to his father.

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They administered him Benadryl and watched to see if it had any effect, according to Shaw.

When he attempted to vomit the food, he wrote, his son “came back from the bathroom looking flushed.” The nurse “gave him the EpiPen and called an ambulance” at that moment.

He omitted describing Jagger’s allergy in the article or mentioning whether the school was aware of it.