Heather Stines, a 45-year-old woman from Brooklyn, New York, was arrested following a horrific discovery at her residence. Police found several severed body parts, including a head, inside a freezer in her apartment. This gruesome discovery was made after authorities responded to a tip-off and conducted a welfare check at Stines’ home. The investigation into this macabre find is ongoing, with authorities working to unravel the details surrounding the incident.

Who was Kawsheen Gelzer?

The remains found in Stines’ freezer have been identified as those of 40-year-old Kawsheen Gelzer, known to have been involved in drug dealing. Gelzer had been missing since last year, and his sudden disappearance had been a matter of concern. Little is known about his personal life or the exact nature of his relationship with Heather Stines. The connection between Stines and Gelzer, and the events leading to Gelzer’s death, remain under investigation.

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Background of the Suspect

Heather Stines, now in custody, lived with her husband, Nicholas McGee, who has been incarcerated in Virginia since September 2023 for unrelated charges. Stines has a history of drug abuse, as reported by family members, and had previously faced drug-related arrests. The motive behind the killing and the dismemberment of Gelzer’s body is still unclear, and DNA testing is being conducted to establish a definitive link between Stines and the body parts found in her freezer.

Community Impact

The case has sent shockwaves through the Brooklyn community and beyond, drawing attention due to its gruesome and unusual nature.

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As details emerge, the story of Kawsheen Gelzer and Heather Stines is becoming a cautionary tale about the darker aspects of urban life, drug abuse, and crime in New York City. The investigation continues, with the NYPD working diligently to bring clarity and justice to this disturbing case.