UW-Platteville mourns the sudden death of athletic director Kristina Navarro-Krupka, 39, and her unborn child, highlighting her impactful leadership.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville is in mourning following the sudden and tragic death of athletic director Kristina Navarro-Krupka at the age of 39. Kristina, who was also pregnant with her first child, passed away on Saturday from natural causes. The unborn child, named Karina Krupka, also lost her life on the same day.

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Who was Kristina Navarro-Krupka?

Kristina Navarro-Krupka, in her fourth year at UW-Platteville, played a crucial role in overseeing 16 NCAA Division III programs while simultaneously contributing to teaching. The university community is left in shock and sadness as they grapple with the loss of a vibrant and impactful leader.

UW-Platteville Chancellor Tammy Evetovich expressed condolences, describing Navarro-Krupka as “an enthusiastic champion” for the university, particularly for its student-athletes, coaches, and staff. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Navarro-Krupka maintained an optimistic outlook, instilling positivity in her interactions with coaches and staff.

A mentor to many, Navarro-Krupka, a third-generation educator, brought her passion for sports management to UW-Platteville after previous roles at UW-Madison, UNC-Chapel Hill, and other institutions. She emphasized empowering women in leadership roles, leaving a lasting impact on her students.

Known for her infectious enthusiasm and positive spirit, Navarro-Krupka played a vital role in fostering a collaborative and transformational student-athlete experience. Her energetic and uplifting approach made her a beloved figure among students and colleagues alike.

The funeral for Kristina Navarro-Krupka and her unborn child is scheduled for Nov. 27, just two days before what would have been her 40th birthday. The university community, in shock and sadness, reflects on the loss of a vibrant leader and mentor whose influence extended beyond the field.

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Kristina Navarro-Krupka’s sudden demise leaves a void in the UW-Platteville community, as colleagues, students, and friends mourn a beloved figure who dedicated her career to uplifting others through sports leadership. Her impact on the university’s athletic community will be remembered for years to come.