The family of a 31-year-old real estate agent, Maleesa Mooney, was left in distress when they suddenly couldn’t contact her, and their iPhone messages turned green, indicating that their messages hadn’t been received. This concerning silence had persisted since last Thursday, prompting her family to take action. According to her younger sister Jourdin Pauline, Maleesa had a group of friends over at her Los Angeles apartment, but while her friends left, she remained inside.

In an attempt to check on Maleesa’s well-being, her family contacted the police, leading to an LAPD officer visiting her residence on South Figueroa Street on Sunday. However, no one answered the door, so the officer left a card. Days passed, and the family grew increasingly worried.

It was during this anxious period that they noticed a sudden change on Tuesday – the text messages that had gone unreceived for days turned blue, indicating they were now being delivered. This development initially provided a glimmer of hope, suggesting that Maleesa might be okay.

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However, police didn’t return until the following Tuesday, despite the family’s mounting concerns. This time, it was the building’s maintenance department that gained access to the apartment, only to discover a grim scene. Maleesa Mooney was found dead in what was described as a “flooded” apartment. The circumstances surrounding the flooding and her tragic demise remain unclear, but her family hopes for answers as the investigation unfolds.

Who is Maleesa Mooney?

Maleesa Mooney was a 31-year-old with a multifaceted career. She had recently been involved in modeling, and her career in this field was said to be “picking back up.” However, her primary profession was as a real estate agent specializing in showcasing million-dollar homes with NestSeekers International.

Described by her sister Jourdin Pauline as an incredible person, Maleesa was known for her kindness, warmth, and sense of humor. She was not only friendly and open-hearted but also an empathetic individual who would inquire about strangers’ well-being. Her family cherished her for her wit and the ability to make everyone laugh with her goofiness.

While she explored the world of freelance modeling, Maleesa’s dedication to her career in real estate was evident as she worked on closing deals involving high-end properties. Her bright future and promising career were tragically cut short, leaving her family and friends devastated by the loss.

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A mourning Jourdin Pauline took to Instagram to express her grief and seek justice for her beloved sister, using the hashtag #JUSTICEFORMALEESA. She promised that Maleesa would not be forgotten and that her memory would be honored with justice.