A suspect has been charged in connection to the death of a Greenbelt teacher, who went missing over a month ago, prior to the start of the new school year, where she used to teach second grade.

The victim has been identified as Mariame Sylla. The Prince George’s County police revealed that dismembered remains were discovered in Clinton, on Friday. They have also confirmed her belongings.

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Who was Mariame Sylla?

Mariame Sylla was 59 years old. She was a resident of Greenbelt, Maryland, and was a teacher by profession. Sylla used to teach at Dora Kennedy French Immersion School in the Prince George’s County school district. 

She was reported missing in late July by a family friend. She was last seen on July 29, going for a walk at Schrom Hills Park. 

According to the police, the investigation led them to a suspect in the slaying: University Park resident Harold Francis Landon III, 33. The police chief stated that Landon was later identified by his vehicle and that he was purportedly in the park when Sylla was kidnapped.

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According to the police, Landon was charged with first-degree murder for killing Sylla on Friday by homicide investigators. According to the police, he was due in court for the first time on Friday, and a possible bond review was set for Tuesday.

Whether Landon has a lawyer advocating for him is still up in the air. According to the information given by the police, he has been in the Department of Corrections’ custody as of August 1 due to a charge of unrelated assault.

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As reported by NBC, according to Police Chief Aziz, “This appears to be stranger to stranger at this particular time. You know, when we’re investigating these type of things, we always leave a door open for something that could have been missed, but our detectives have been working really hard to make those connections, and we haven’t found any connection that these two people knew each other, and I don’t believe they knew each other.”