Nathaniel Huey Jr., a person of interest in the murder of a family of four in Romeoville, was found dead in Oklahoma.

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Who was Nathaniel Huey Jr.?

In a tragic turn of events, Nathaniel Huey Jr., a 31-year-old from Streamwood, Illinois, and a person of interest in the shocking murder of a family of four in Romeoville, near Chicago, has been found dead in Oklahoma. The gruesome murders sent shockwaves through the suburban community, leaving many with unanswered questions.

Alberto Rolon, 38, Zoraida Bartolomei, 32, and their two young sons, aged 7 and 9, met a tragic end sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning in their Romeoville home, according to local authorities.

Nathaniel Huey Jr. was initially labeled a “person of interest” in the case, and a woman with a connection to him was also being investigated. However, the situation took a dark twist when the woman was reported missing and in danger by her family on Tuesday night.

The manhunt for Huey led authorities to Catoosa, Oklahoma, where a car linked to him was detected by a license plate reader. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but it fled, eventually crashing and catching fire. During the incident, officers reportedly heard what they believed to be gunshots.

Inside the wrecked vehicle, officers discovered a critically injured woman and the lifeless body of the man believed to be Nathaniel Huey Jr. The circumstances surrounding his death remain under investigation.

The murder of the Rolon-Bartolomei family had shaken the Romeoville community, prompting questions about the motive behind the heinous crime. Romeoville Deputy Chief Chris Burne stated, “Evidence has shown us a nexus between our suspect and the victims as well as possible motive,” but did not provide further details.

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The tragic incident unfolded when a concerned relative requested a “well-being check” after one of the victims failed to show up for work. Police ruled out any of the victims as potential shooters and characterized the killings as a targeted attack that occurred between 9 p.m. Saturday and 5 a.m. Sunday.

While Nathaniel Huey Jr. was identified as a suspect, the investigation remains active and ongoing as authorities work to unravel the details surrounding this tragedy.