Emmy-winning CBS reporter Pablo Guzman, 73, known for his impactful journalism, passed away from a sudden heart attack on Sunday.

Who was Pablo Guzman?

Renowned CBS reporter Pablo Guzman, an Emmy Award winner, breathed his last at 73 due to a sudden heart attack. A graduate of the State University of New York at Old Westbury, Guzman’s career spanned print, radio, and TV, leaving an indelible mark on New York journalism.

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In the 1970s, Guzman founded the Young Lords, a revolutionary party advocating for Puerto Rican and Latino rights. Transitioning to journalism, he became a prominent figure at WNEW-TV and WCBS-TV. Guzman’s reporting prowess earned him an Emmy for coverage on the murder of a New York City Police Department officer during his tenure with WNBC-TV.

Known for his unique storytelling, Guzman interviewed Hollywood A-listers like Sting, Carlos Santana, John Fogerty, Spike Lee, and Robert DeNiro. His career spanned historic events, including 9/11, showcasing his exceptional access to various players.

Colleagues fondly remembered Guzman’s authenticity and street-smart reporting style. His impactful coverage earned him trust and admiration, making him a beloved figure in the news industry.

“Pablo was a unique combination of book smart and street smart,” said CBS New York’s Tony Aiello. “I don’t think any reporter had the street cred that Pablo possessed.”

Guzman’s passion extended beyond journalism; he was a sports fanatic and a music connoisseur. His warm personality and big heart left a lasting impression on those who worked alongside him.

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Survived by his wife Debbie and two children, Guzman’s legacy as a legendary voice in New York journalism endures. His storytelling prowess, flair, and deep connections with the community have left an indelible mark on the media landscape.