Iconic rapper Snoop Dogg is mourning the loss of his brother, Bing Worthington, who tragically passed away at the age of 44. Snoop took to Instagram to share an emotional tribute to his younger sibling, commemorating their time together.

Who was Bing Worthington? 

Snoop Dogg and his brother Bing (x/@greatmom19141)

Bing Worthington, who was Snoop Dogg’s half-brother on his mother’s side, played a significant role in Snoop’s career. He initially started as a roadie on Snoop’s tours before eventually becoming his tour manager. Beyond his work with Snoop, Bing also pursued his own musical endeavors, releasing music with his group, Lifestyle. Their collaboration led to the production of several albums, and one of their songs even featured on the ‘Van Wilder 2’ soundtrack. However, Bing eventually decided to transition into behind-the-scenes business work, realizing his passion for that aspect of the industry.

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A few years ago, Bing embarked on a new venture by moving to Canada to establish a music studio and production company. This endeavor was a merger between his own Dogg Records and the Canadian hip hop label Urban Heat Legends. Despite his departure from the spotlight, Bing remained an integral part of the music industry, contributing to its growth and development.

Snoop Dogg’s tribute to his brother on Instagram included both photos and videos, showcasing the bond they shared. In one of the clips, Snoop and Bing are seen spending time together with their other brother, Jerry, in a cemetery. Snoop fondly remembered Bing as someone who always brought laughter and joy into their lives, indicating that his brother’s spirit would now be reunited with their late mother.

The passing of Bing Worthington marks a significant loss for Snoop Dogg and his family, as well as for the music community. Bing’s contributions to Snoop’s career and his own ventures have left a lasting impact, and he will be remembered fondly by those who knew him.

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While details surrounding Bing’s death have not been disclosed, his legacy lives on through his work and the memories shared by his loved ones. Snoop’s heartfelt tribute serves as a testament to the profound bond between the brothers and the enduring impact of Bing’s presence in their lives.