Navy SEALs Christopher J. Chambers and Nathan Gage Ingram lost their lives intercepting an arms-laden vessel from Iran to Yemen.

Who were Christopher J. Chambers and Nathan Gage Ingram? 

Chambers and Ingram (x/@reppmattgaetz)

Two Navy SEALs, Christopher J. Chambers and Nathan Gage Ingram, tragically lost their lives during a nighttime mission in the Arabian Sea while intercepting a boat transporting illicit Iranian-made weapons to Yemen. The incident occurred on January 11, with details emerging about the brave actions of the SEALs during the mission.

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As Chambers and Ingram conducted a ship-boarding raid, Ingram slipped while climbing a ladder onto the targeted vessel, falling into the water. In a heroic attempt to save his comrade, Chambers jumped into the gap created by the waves but both disappeared into the rough seas. It has been revealed that Chambers died while attempting to rescue Ingram.

Captain Blake L. Chaney, commander of the Naval Special Warfare Group 1, expressed devastation over the loss, emphasizing the selfless service and exceptional capabilities of the two SEALs. President Joe Biden also issued a statement mourning the tragic deaths of the Navy SEALs, acknowledging their commitment to protecting fellow Americans.

An investigation into the incident is underway, conducted by the US Navy’s 5th Fleet. The probe aims to assess whether the SEALs were adequately equipped and trained for the mission, examine adherence to procedures, and evaluate external factors like sea conditions and weather.

Chambers, 37, and Ingram, 27, were assigned to SEAL Team 3 based in Coronado, Calif. The mission resulted in the seizure of Iranian-made weapons components intended for Houthi militants in Yemen. A joint search operation involving naval forces from the US, Spain, and Japan lasted over 10 days, covering more than 21,000 square miles of ocean, but the SEALs were declared presumed dead.

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The circumstances surrounding the SEALs’ deaths have raised questions among active-duty and veteran SEALs, prompting an official investigation to determine the sequence of events and potential factors contributing to the tragic incident. Navy Special Warfare declined to comment further, emphasizing the ongoing nature of the investigation.