In the midst of a series of attacks by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Israel, a Boston college professor, Ilan Troen, now 83 years old, has been confronted with an unimaginable tragedy.

Ilan Troen had recently retired from his position at Brandeis University in Massachusetts and relocated to Israel to be with his family. However, his daughter, Debbie Shahar Troen Mathias, and son-in-law, Shlomi Mathias, tragically lost their lives during the relentless violence unleashed by gunmen from the Gaza Strip.

The couple displayed immense courage during the harrowing incident, shielding their teenage son from harm by using their own bodies as a protective barrier. The family had taken refuge in a secure room within their home, which was eventually penetrated by Hamas fighters. Sadly, the young boy, Troen’s grandson, was wounded in the abdomen and is currently receiving medical treatment in a hospital.

This heartbreaking event is part of a larger crisis in the region, with more than 600 Israelis feared dead and thousands injured as a result of the unprecedented attacks by militants. In response, Israel has initiated a forceful counteroffensive to safeguard its citizens.

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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has expressed concern that ‘several Americans’ may be among the casualties and captives in the Israeli terror attacks.

Brandeis University, where Professor Ilan Troen had a significant impact, confirmed the devastating news and condemned the acts of terrorism perpetrated against innocent civilians. The academic community and the public alike are left mourning the loss of two lives and praying for the recovery of the injured.