With the holy month of Ramadan already taking its course, it is essential for children to understand the true essence of this month. In today’s world, parents have a lot of resources to help their children understand or learn anything, including Ramadan.

With numerous videos and stories online, here are some children-friendly videos about Ramadan for visual learning and fun. 

  1. Ramadan is Here! a short Zaky Animation Film


Zaky, a purple bear, is a very popular character among children. Through his songs and meetings with friends, he tells stories and sings songs about Islam. In this video, Zaky embarks on a Ramadan journey with his friends. The video encapsulates the journey of sighting the moon, breaking their Roza, and finally enjoying the iftar. The footage is enjoyable yet educational, as children can learn what is expected of them during the month.

2. Ramadan Song with Zaky (Nasheed) HD

Children learn greatly through songs, and Zaky returns with a catchy song about Ramadan. Through this simple but important song, Zaky tells the children what the holy month of Ramadan is and how it is celebrated. Learning from a favorite cartoon character provides all the more reason for children to enjoy the song and learn from it. 

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3. I’m The Best Muslim -S1-Ep 02- The Ramadan Avengers 

While kids enjoy their time during Ramadan, they must know the celebration’s meaning. The second episode of the “I’m the Best Muslim” series encapsulates children’s feelings during the holy month. Through a relatable and funny story, it talks about the importance of Roza. The series is extremely popular among children and is a great tool to help them understand the true essence of Ramadan. 

4. Yusuf Islam & Children – Ramadan Moon| I Look I see Animated Series


This is another beautiful song every child should listen to. Through beautiful animation and a catchy tune, the video tells how a city comes to life during the holy month of Ramadan. The song also talks about the importance of the last ten days of the month and encourages children to go to the mosque. It also explains the coming of Eid and the significance of sighting the moon. 

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5. Maher Zain- Ramadan (English) | Official Music Video


Maher Zain is among the most popular and well-known faces among Nasheed singers. The song, with its meaningful lyrics and beautiful tune, takes back every Muslim to the month of Ramadan. This video is enjoyable for children and adults and creates an environment for enjoyable listening.  

These five videos are the best options for children during this month as it can help them learn, grow, and enjoy. Correct utilization of resources over the internet can greatly benefit parents in helping their children learn about this holy month of Ramadan.