Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger win 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics. The award recipients were announced Tuesday at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm.

The trio was given the Nobel prize for “experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science”, the Nobel Committee said.

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The award was won by Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi last year. The trio was credited with explaining and predicting complex forces of nature, thereby expanding our understanding of climate change.

The next Nobel Prize announcement will be on Wednesday, October 5. The winner in the field of Chemistry will be decided. The Nobel Prize season will conclude on October 10, after the winner in Economics is announced.

The work of Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger give rise to a “new era of quantum technology”, the committee said. “Being able to manipulate and manage quantum states and all their layers of properties gives us access to tools with unexpected potential”, it added.

“Quantum information science is a vibrant and rapidly developing field,” said Eva Olsson, a member of the Nobel committee. “It has broad and potential implications in areas such as secure information transfer, quantum computing and sensing technology.”

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“Its origin can be traced to that of quantum mechanics,” she said. “Its predictions have opened doors to another world, and it has also shaken the very foundations of how we interpret measurements.”

The prizes carry a cash award of 10 million Swedish kronor (nearly $900,000) and will be handed out on December 10. The money comes from a bequest left by the prize’s creator, Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel, who died in 1895.