Harry Potter has to be one of the most loved movie series of all time. The series consists of a total of eight movies which were written by JK Rowling. The reunion aired exclusively on HBO MAX on the 1st of January 2022. Fans had been eagerly waiting for a reunion, and along with it came a lot of information about what happened on the sets.

Here are a few secrets that were revealed during their 20 year anniversary:

1. The trio had doubts about returning to the franchise: During the interview, Emma Watson said “I think I was scared. I don’t know if you ever felt like it got to a tipping point where you were like, this is forever now”. Rupert Grint mentioned that he was experiencing similar feelings as well and Radcliff said that he agreed with Watson too.

2. Tribute to the ones that left: During the reunion, the cast wanted to pay tribute to the legendary actors that passed away. The tribute honoured actors such as Richard Harris (who initially appeared as Dumbledore), Alan Rickman (who played Snape), Helen McCrory (who played Narcissa Malfoy), Richard Griffiths (who played Vernon Dursley and John Hurt (who played Ollivander).

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3. Grint is a lot like Ron: For the third film, the trio was given an assignment which was to write an essay in the voice of your character. Watson was obedient and wrote a 12 page beautifully written essay whereas Grint didn’t do the assignment. He said, “I thought…..Ron wouldn’t do it”.  

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4. Rupert was actually trolled by Fred and George before the Yule Ball Scene: In the Goblet of Fire, there was a scene where Grint had to dance and the Phelps brothers convinced him that there was a dance routine they had been practising since the last six weeks. Rupert was very nervous after knowing about the routine and admitted that the Phelps were trying to build pressure.

5. Rickman was the only person who knew the whole story about Snape: During a conversation, it was revealed that only Rickman knew what the whole picture about Snape was and what the ending with his character was going to be.