The timeline for British PM Boris Johnson to face another no confidence vote could be minimally decreased if senior Tories back a rule change on Wednesday night. According to the rules of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservatives, the Prime Minister cannot face another challenge within a year of his shaky victory last month.

But this can be torn up if the group’s executive go ahead with a proposed change to the rules as the British PM’s authority evaporates with a series of ministerial resignations.

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What are the current rules?

It is reported that the leader must face a vote of confidence of Tory MPs if 15% of the parliamentary party write to committee chairman Sir Graham Brady calling for one.

However, if the leader survives, there cannot be another confidence vote for 12 months. This means the British PM is safe until June next year.

However, Conservative critics are demanding a rewrite of the rulebook.

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What would the new rulebook look like?

There are several possibilities, including reducing the safety net from 12 to six months, which could mean a vote in early December. Others reportedly want the issue of Johnson’s future decided before the Commons break for the summer recess later this month.

One compromise suggested is that a second confidence vote could be held if 25% of Tories in the Commons – 90 MPs – submit letters to the 1922 leadership.

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If yes, how will this happen?

A crucial meeting of the 1922 executive led by Sir Graham will kick off at 4pm on Wednesday. It is reported that the MPs would discuss their next steps, whether the rules should change and when the ’22 should elect a new executive.

Sometimes dubbed “the men in grey suits”, the election of a new 18-member executive committee had been expected next week.

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But Sir Graham is expected to address the issue at the start of a 5pm meeting of the wider committee, which will also be addressed by Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab.

A number of Tory MPs have said they will stand for the committee on the basis they would vote for a rule change if they were elected to enable another confidence vote to take place before next year.

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Will the Prime Minister go quietly?

According to his press secretary, the British PM would stay and fight any fresh confidence vote, though she described last month’s ballot as “clear and decisive”.

She also said the Prime Minister is confident he retains the support of his backbenchers on Wednesday.