Yevgeny Prigozhin-led the Wagner Group is rapidly moving towards Moscow, threatening civil war in Russia. Social media users are comparing the coup to the Taliban-style takeover of Afghanistan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly left Moscow on Saturday after warning the Wagner Group, describing their rebellion as ‘treason’. His planes left the capital city and then went off the radar, the Belarusian Hajun monitoring project said on Telegram, citing data from the Flightradar24 service.

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“It is a stab in the back of our country and our people. All those who prepared the rebellion will suffer inevitable punishment. The armed forces and other government agencies have received the necessary orders,” the Russian President said earlier on Saturday.

Videos of the Wagner Group members breaking road barriers are circulating on social media. The Russian military also has reportedly used excavators to damage the roads. Google Maps show severe blockage in the areas around Moscow.

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Can Putin be dethroned?

Calls for a regime change in Russia first sparked after Putin attacked Ukraine. US President Joe Biden was one of the several leaders who said the Kremlin chief cannot be President.

However, dethroning Putin will be complicated. He came to power with the support of Russia’s elite and by persecuting opposition voices. Alexei Navalny is one of them.

Vladimir Putin is said to have his ‘strongmen’ with him. They were his former colleagues in the KGB. Some of them were a part of military and intelligence agencies. He is believed to be well-protected.

However, Prigozhin’s coup might just mean the end of Putin. The Wagner Group has been rapid. They have captured cities and forced Putin to move out.

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“I call USA 🇺🇸 to recognize Prigozhin as President of Free Rostov Don Republic,” a Twitter user said.

“What is happening in Russia so far is not a conventional coup in that Prigozhin is not trying to overthrow Putin, but just the Russian generals in charge of the armed forces,” another one added.

“NATO weakens the Russian military, then the CIA and Wagner work together to overthrow Putin? Right or Wrong?” a third one asked on Twitter.