The Cannes Film Festival has released an official statement stating it will not accept official Russian delegations this year, in response to the country’s attacks on Ukraine

Currently, the French festival has not opted for a complete boycott of Russian cinema, which was called for by the Ukrainian Film Academy earlier in the day, with backing from the European Film Academy. The latter has made it clear it won’t be accepting Russian movies into European Film Awards this year, Deadline reported. 

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Among other major events in the European film festival circuit, Glasgow has pulled two Russian films from its lineup this month, while Stockholm has refused to screen any Russian state-funded movies until the situation with Ukraine improves. However, Locarno, the Swiss film festival isn’t joining this boycott. 

The full statement from Cannes reads as follows. 

“As the world has been hit by a heavy crisis in which a part of Europe finds itself in a state of war, the Festival de Cannes wishes to extend all its support to the people of Ukraine and all those who are in its territory.

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However modest as it is, we join our voices with those who oppose this unacceptable situation and denounce the attitude of Russia and its leaders.

Our thoughts go out in particular to the Ukrainian artists and film industry professionals, as well as their families whose lives are now in danger. There are those whom we’ve never met, and those whom we’ve come to know and welcomed to Cannes, who came with works that say much about Ukraine’s history and the present.

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During this winter of 2022, the Festival de Cannes has entered its preparation phase. Unless the war of assault ends in conditions that will satisfy the Ukrainian people, it has been decided that we will not welcome official Russian delegations nor accept the presence of anyone linked to the Russian government.

However, we would like to salute the courage of all those in Russia who have taken risks to protest against the assault and invasion of Ukraine. Among them are artists and film professionals who have never ceased to fight against the contemporary regime, who cannot be associated with these unbearable actions, and those who are bombing Ukraine.

Loyal to its history that started in 1939 in resistance to the fascist and Nazi dictatorship, the Festival de Cannes will always serve artists and industry professionals that raise their voices to denounce violence, repression, and injustices, for the main purpose to defend peace and liberty.”