Corviknight is a flying and Steel-type Pokemon and was originally found in the Galar region. It was introduced in the VIII Generation. Corviknight is weak against Electric and Fire-type Pokemon and strong against Ground, Bug, Poison, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Normal, Psychic, Steel, and Grass-type Pokemon.

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Corviknight resembles a large, dark blue, armored raven or crow. The “mask” on its face in its previous forms now resembles a helmet, with peaks on the top and extending over its beak. The lower half of its beak is dark gray. The white markings beneath its eyes are now black, but its eyes remain small and red. Its neck is covered in dark blue armor at the back but has thick feathers in front, while its belly and covert feathers are armored. Its upper legs and four-toed talons are also armored, while its lower legs are dark gray.

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Corviknight has a max Combat Power (CP) of 2777 and evolves into Corviknight which costs 100 candy. The best moves of Corviknight are Steel Wing and Brave Bird.

Corviknight quick stats:

Base stats

Max CP: 2777

Attack: 163

Defense: 192

HP: 221


Corviknight is boosted by Windy and Snow weather. It is a strong flying and steel-type Pokemon.


Corviknight is vulnerable to Electric and Fire-type moves.

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Corviknight evolves into Corviknight.


Corviknight best moves are Steel Wing and Brave Bird.