In a horrifying incident caught on CCTV, body of a coronavirus patient was dumped outside a Bhopal hospital by the ambulance staff, on Monday night. The patient, a power distribution company employee was admitted at Bhopal’s People’s Hospital on June 23, with kidney ailment, according to the reports.

The whole incident was caught on a CCTV camera. In the video, two health workers in hazmat suits can be seen taking the body out on a stretcher and dumping it on the pavement. 

The patient was tested for coronavirus on Sunday. His test results came out positive on Monday, the patient’s son told NDTV. After he tested positive, he was being shifted to Chirayu hospital, Bhopal’s nodal centre for the virus.

“As per protocol and IDSP (Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme) instructions, an ambulance from Chirayu Medical College reached, but after an hour, they informed us that they were coming back”, said People’s hospital manager. Till then, the hospital had sealed the ICU and started fumigating the hospital. While the process was going on, the ambulance returned, Dixit added.

The ambulance staff asked for a stretcher from the hospital, which was refused. “But when we resisted they dumped his body on the road outside the hospital. So after that I requested our staffers to wear a PPE kit, used our stretcher and tried to revive him but he was not breathing”, Dixit said.

Meanwhile, Ajay Goenka, Director of Chirayu Hospital, said that the hospital got a call from People’s hospital, asking for an ambulance for the patient. His kidneys had failed, was on dialysis and was also suffering from some heart diseases, but his condition was described as “stable”.

Bhopal Collector Avinash Lavania has sought an explanation from People’s hospital. He asked, how could they refer a patient to another hospital without stabilizing his condition. 

A magistrate has been asked to inquire into the case.

Madhya Pradesh has 14,930 coronavirus cases and 608 fatalities, as reported on Tuesday.