The film series Jurassic Park, often mentioned in the same breath as the century’s most action-packed adventure sequences are now creating a buzz with deleted scenes video surfacing on the internet. 

The video from the Jurassic Park movie has left the netizens in splits. People are in awe of the special effects and jaw-clenching horror. Moreover, it does not help that the video features gritty suspenseful music that just elevates the sequence. 

In the video, a truck is seen moving through hilly terrain and within a few seconds, netizens realise from whom the vehicle is running, a gigantic tortoise.

Screenshot of Jurassic Park deleted scene 

To add more depth to the scene, there is rigorous camera shaking and thumping to represent the giant footsteps of the animal. 

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The video was posted on Wednesday and people are clearly loving it as it has already received 96% upvotes with 130 comments.

One of the comments said that it is completely understandable why the makers took the scene out as it is too horrifying. Another praised the added special effects and the jittery camera. 

The Jurassic World 3: Dominion is expected to be released in 2022. The storyline will most probably be working on bringing the characters into the survival zone ensuring that they don’t go extinct like the dinosaurs. Fans are eager for the third part to hit the screens as the Filmmakers have already made a considerable buzz around it. Director Colin Trevorrow has announced this part to be a celebration of the whole franchise.