If you are a die-hard Pokemon Go fan who has obtained the Pikachu Libre avatar items from GO Battle League, you may be able to gain a job with the game business itself. According to the numerous job postings published on the Niantic website — the inventor of Pokemon Go – the company is searching for individuals who are at least level 7 in the game.

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The gaming platform, which was created around five years ago, has proven immensely popular and has received both acclaim and criticism. Pokemon Go was first played in the real world, but after Covid, the firm switched its battle feature online, and the game’s popularity has skyrocketed.

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A job posting for Senior Producer – Battle, Pokemon Go requires 5+ years of gaming production experience, production for a mobile game, and obtaining the Pikachu Libre avatar items from GO Battle League. Additional requirements include expertise as a gaming product manager, obtaining an ace or higher score in GO Battle League, and participating in Play! Pokemon Trading Card or Video Game events, as well as driving double-digit user growth for a competitive game.