Speaker of United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday cryptically said that precautionary measures will be taken for the upcoming rally, which is scheduled for September 18.

Speaker Pelosi said, “We intend to have the integrity of the Capitol be intact” in a weekly press conference on Wednesday, according to AP reports.

Law enforcement officials in Washington DC are planning to reinstall the fencing around the parameter of the United States Capitol complex as concerns for violence at a rally next week rise, according to US media reports.

A security plan that is being finalized calls for a fenced perimeter on the streets immediately surrounding the Capitol building and the Supreme Court, though not around the congressional office buildings nearby, Associated Press reported citing unnamed sources.

The potential presence of the extremist groups at next week’s event is concerning because, while members and associates of Oath Keepers and Proud Boys make up just a fraction of the nearly 600 people who have been charged so far in the riot, they are facing some of the most serious charges brought.

The news comes weeks after Floyd Ray Roseberry, an individual for North Carolina, smashed his vehicle into a federal building and triggered a bomb threat in Washington DC, not far away from the US Capitol building.

Earlier this year in July, the parameter fencing around the United States Capitol building was removed after nearly six months of the Capitol riots on January 6. The National Guard, which was mobilised to prevent similar incidents, was also sent back.

In a letter to lawmakers, Senate Sergeant at Arms Karen Gibson said US Capitol Police will continue to “monitor intelligence information and the associated threat environment,” and that if threat conditions warrant, the temporary fencing could be reinstalled quickly.

(With AP inputs)