US President Joe Biden informed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the hospital strike in Gaza appeared to have been “done by other team,” referring to Palestinian terrorists.

He also expressed extreme regret and anger at the explosion that occurred at a hospital in the Gaza Strip, which Hamas claimed claimed hundreds of people.

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“From what I’ve seen, it looks like it was done by the other team, not you,” President Joe Biden told Benjamin Netanyahu. He conceded that different people had different theories on what caused the explosion.

Biden also promised that Washington would give Israel all the resources it needed to defend itself. He declared that Hamas had killed more civilians than the Islamic State in the October 7 surprise strike. Biden also said that 31 Americans were among the 1,300 Israelis murdered in the Hamas onslaught.

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“We must remember that Hamas does not represent all of the Palestinian people and has only brought them suffering,” Biden said. He continued by urging Netanyahu to make sure that innocent Palestinians caught up in the fighting receive life-saving assistance. Furthermore, Biden expressed his delight in traveling to Israel and admired the bravery, devotion, and heroism shown by the Israelites.

“Americans are grieving, they are,” Joe Biden expressed his understanding of the nation’s anxieties.

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Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the visiting American president for his steadfast assistance during the Gaza conflict. He also gave an updated fatality toll from the cross-border Hamas attack that started the fighting. Netanyahu continued, “I know I speak for all the people of Israel when I say thank you, Mr. President, thank you for standing with Israel today, tomorrow, and always.”