Several doctored videos of the shooting in Hamburg, Germany were circulated on social media after at least six people were reported dead in the incident at a Jehovah’s Witness centre on the Deelböge street, Gros Borstel district on Thursday.

According to Hamburg police, a gunman is believed to be dead. However, it is not clear if they were one of the six fatalities. Authorities further added that the motive is unknown.

“We have no indications of a perpetrator on the run,” police said.

Investigators had “indications that a perpetrator may have been in the building and may be even among the dead”, a spokesman at the scene said.

“The officers themselves also heard a shot coming from the upper floors of the building. They went upstairs and also found a body there,” they added.

Many social media accounts that have previously circulated ‘leaked’ videos of other shootings posted links on Twitter. However, none of the videos have come from an official source.

“Beware of (deliberately?) mislabeled and doctored videos circulating, allegedly showing tonights shooting in #Hamburg #Alsterdorf Green leaves, no coats? Come on, it 1 degree Celsius here and winter)” a social media user commented.

An alert was sent out on NINAwarn, at around 21:00 (20:00 GMT) telling locals that “one or more unknown perpetrators shot at people in a church”.

Local reporters shared videos of police escorting people out of the centre and many ambulances waiting outside.

“We are also working at full speed. We ask that you refrain from discussions about perpetrators or the course of events, as well as mutual insults and other unrelated comments. You would make communication about the ongoing deployment in #GroßBorstel much easier for us,” the Hamburg Police tweeted.