Actor Gal Gadot and director Guy Nattiv are working together to present a screening of the approximately 45-minute film “Bearing Witness” this week. 

The video, which was first assembled by the Israeli Defense Forces, features explicit visuals and pictures from the October 7 rampage by Hamas. Meanwhile, this screening event has drawn criticism from a Jewish organization in the United States, as reported by TMZ.

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The purpose of the “Bearing Witness” screening is to refute doubts and claims of false flags by offering an alternative account of what happened that day. Claims of false information have been made, and the occurrence has been the subject of examination and disputed accounts.

The public’s support for Israel’s war in Gaza has decreased since the first onslaught. More than 120 people have been invited to the initial screening, which is scheduled to happen in Los Angeles. More screenings might come after, depending on how well received they are.

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The supporters of Palestine have objected to the screening, but it’s important to note that Gal Gadot has also drawn criticism from Jewish Voice for Peace, an activist group that considers itself to be anti-Zionist. 

They claim that the screening is a “propaganda event” and that it fails to fully depict the extent of the current conflict, especially as it relates to the suffering of innocent civilians in Palestine. They contend that this information could worsen the situation and cast doubt on Israel’s handling of the hostage situation with Hamas.

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Early on October 7, terrorists from Hamas broke into Israel, killing 1,400 Israelis and kidnapping 240 more, including foreigners, who are still being held captive inside the Gaza Strip. 

To confront a “Holocaust denial-like phenomenon evolving in real-time,” Israel released the “gruesome” and “unseen” bodycam footage shot by Hamas terrorists on October 7 of last month.