Julia Wandelt, the woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann, who vanished in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3, 2007, at the age of three, said that she was not safe and was being targeted by 3 pedophiles after she made the shocking revelation.

The 21-year-old Polish woman has made over a million followers on Instagram after sharing “evidence” that she was McCann. Wandelt has added that she has a speck in her eye like McCann and she doesn’t remember large parts of her childhood. She does claim to remember that she was abused by a German pedophile who looks like one of the suspects listed by police in McCann’s disappearance.

Dr. Fia Johansson, a spokeswoman and private investigator for McCann, said that Wandelt was being targeted by “three pedophiles” after going public with her bombshell claims.

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“It’s very dangerous for her to do anything right now because she has no idea what she is doing and at the same time her family is not very supportive,” she said. “My investigators found out three pedophiles were trying to lure Julia to hotels saying they were McCann family friends trying to solve the Madeleine mystery – it is truly a sad situation.”

Wandelt said in an Instagram story post: “For people that ask If I am safe – yes, I am now but I was not four days ago. Fia and her team have a safe place and they are tracking down emails and other communications that I had even before I met Fia, so she is tracking media and their lies, too. You guys need to be careful about all trafficking approaches. I’m not three years of four years anymore. I will not allow you to touch me ever again, to use me ever again, to trick me ever again. Fia is and her team checking and tracking emails and Dms. Please STOP it’s (sic).”

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She also claimed that people were trying to come and “Pick me up in Germany” to “trick me.”