According to reports, a tragic incident occurred on a Mexican beach where two individuals lost their lives after being struck by lightning, and this terrifying event was captured on video.

The incident occurred on Monday in Michoacán, a location along Mexico’s Pacific coast, during a period of severe weather. In the video, you can observe someone folding up an umbrella just moments before the lightning strike.

Following the first person being struck, it appears that the lightning traveled along the sandy beach to reach the second person. Both individuals collapsed as a result, leading to horrified screams from those nearby.

As reported by the Spanish outlet MARCA, the victims of this tragic incident were identified as a man and a woman. One of them was a tourist, while the other was a vendor selling hammocks. The woman tragically lost her life instantly at the scene, while the man, after receiving medical treatment at the hospital, also succumbed to his injuries.

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Odds for a person to get hit by lightning are rare, at about 1 in 15,300. On an annual basis, approximately 2,000 individuals globally experience lightning strikes. Among those who are struck, around 10% tragically lose their lives, while the remaining 90% may suffer enduring consequences such as memory impairment and seizures.

Aquila Mayor José Valencia disclosed that the female victim hailed from the central state of Guanajuato, while the male, who worked as a hammock vendor on the beach, was a resident of the nearby state of Colima.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States experiences at least 40 million ground lightning strikes annually. Although the likelihood of being struck by lightning each year is less than one in a million, approximately 90 percent of those struck do survive.

The probability of an individual being struck by lightning multiple times is exceedingly low, occurring approximately seven times in a lifetime.

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Data from the National Weather Service for 2023 reveals that 11 people in the United States have been fatally struck by lightning, including two individuals in separate incidents involving boating and swimming. This figure is in contrast to 19 lightning strike-related fatalities reported the previous year, marking an increase from the 11 fatalities recorded in 2021.

The federal weather agency outlines five ways in which lightning can potentially impact individuals.

One such scenario is a direct strike, which occurs in open areas. While it may not be the most prevalent occurrence, it can be the most fatal.

“In the case of most direct strikes, a portion of the electrical current travels just above the skin’s surface (referred to as flashover), while another portion traverses through the body, typically affecting the cardiovascular and/or nervous systems,” explains the National Weather Service.

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Another possible occurrence is when a person experiences a shock from a lightning bolt through a side flash. Lightning typically strikes objects taller than the individual, such as trees, and certain portions of the electrical current are then transmitted from the object to the person.