At the age of 88, Paco Rabanne, a French fashion designer and perfumer, passed away at his home in Portsall. The parent business of Rabanne’s brands, Puig, announced his passing and said that Rabanne’s original fashion vision had had a lasting influence on generations.

A real innovator in the fashion industry, Paco Rabanne was renowned for his groundbreaking ideas, esoteric interests, and fashion designs. He foresaw the importance of the internet in marketing and retail in the 1970s, and he was among the first designers to introduce a fragrance online in the mid-1990s utilising the brand-new e-commerce platform CyberShop.

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Here are controversies Paco Robano was a part of-

-The Spanish fashion designer, whose real name is Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo, established his own label in 1966 and attracted both admiration and criticism for his designs. “12 Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials,” his first couture collection, established the standard for years of boundary-pushing design that favoured unusual materials and production techniques.

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– Rabanne, who occasionally made contentious remarks such as apocalyptic prophecies, contributed significantly to the history of fashion.

“Paco Rabanne made transgression magnetic. Who else could induce fashionable Parisian women clamour for dresses made of plastic and metal? Who but Paco Rabanne could imagine a fragrance called Calandre – the word means ‘automobile grill,’ you know – and turn it into an icon of modern femininity? That radical, rebellious spirit set him apart: there is only one Rabanne. With his passing we are reminded once again of his enormous influence on contemporary fashion, a spirit that lives on in the House that bears his name,” according to Jose Manuel Albesa, president of the company’s beauty and fashion business.

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Rabanne began his career as a designer for Givenchy, Dior, and Balenciaga before launching his own label in 1966, employing highly unconventional materials such as plastic, paper, metal, and chains. A DNA that has been carried forward in the work of his current acclaimed designer Julien Dossena.

Stars like Francoise Hardy adored Rabanne’s revolutionary couture, perhaps best known for dressing Jane Fonda in Barbarella.

Despite the fact that he made his fortune in fragrance rather than fashion. Paco Rabanne’s fragrances (Black XS, Lady Million, and 1 Million) are still among the best-selling in the industry.