As the US grapples with a baby formula shortage, Liz Joy, the sole Republican in the Capital District race suggested that parents make their own formula. Her remark goes against federal rules and numerous doctors who hold the opinion that DIY formulas can harm babies. 

“Who cares if the (Food and Drug Administration) says don’t make your own formula – They aren’t doing anything to fix the formula shortage! And – our babies need quality formulas”, Joy said on Twitter. 

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As per the FDA, the homemade formula can be contaminated easily, or might not contain all nutrients needed by infants, both of which can lead to dire situations. However, the 53-year-old godmother noted that she’s never had to make her own formula but sympathizes with parents who are unable to breastfeed and find the necessary products on store shelves, as America is also seeing private sellers charge high amounts for formula. 

Speaking to The Post, she said, “Mothers have to feed their babies, and they don’t have time to wait for our government a week from now to sit down and have a committee hearing on what they should do”. 

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Joy defended her stance, sharing a New York Post article criticizing her decision to promote DIY baby formula. She said “I will always stand up for Moms/babies”, adding that alternate solutions are preferable to “a Mom with a crying, hungry infant”. The Republican added that parents shouldn’t have to wait around “for men to schedule a committee hearing and tell her what to do!” 

The Congressional candidate also noted that she’s actually birthed four babies and would focus on helping with “temporary, quality solutions” until shelves get replenished. 

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The US began facing the baby formula shortage when Abbott Nutrition stopped production in its Michigan plant and recalled products after two infants died of bacterial infections. However, as per AP reports, the bacteria wasn’t tied to the plant concretely. 

Speaking on the issue, Joy added, “I realize Abbott, one of the largest baby formula plants, had to be shut down, but that was in February. There’s no reason that it should still be shut down.”