Russia and Ukraine on Wednesday agreed to a second round of talks, a couple of days after the first round was completed with no agreement between the two parties.

The second round of talks will take place on Wednesday itself, with the same representatives present from the first round.

“Now it’s official. The second round of talks between Ukraine and the occupier will take place today,” a Ukrainian presidential aid said, as per CNN.

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The talks on Wednesday will take place at ‘Hunters House’ in Belarus, according to the Belarusian foreign ministry.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russia had signalled its willingness to enter into a second round of negotiations, with Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov saying, “This afternoon, in the late afternoon, our delegation will be in place waiting for Ukrainian negotiators. Our delegation will be ready to continue the conversation tonight.”

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Peskov had also expressed “hope” that the Ukraine delegation would show up. Ukraine has since confirmed its intention to negotiate.

The first round of talks between Russia and Ukraine on Monday took place in Belarus, near the Ukraine border, but no concrete agreement was reached between the two parties who decided to return to their capitals to consult the powers that be before taking the discussion forward.

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Since Russia moved its troops into Ukraine on February 24, Moscow’s forces have swept across Ukraine, taking many important cities and regions.

The capital city of Kyiv, at the time of writing this, is under siege from Russian forces.

Nearly a week of fighting has left hundreds dead on both sides, and some estimates put the number of casualties at thousands. The fighting in Ukraine has also precipitated a refugee crisis and more than half a million Ukrainians have fled to country to seek refuge in nearby European nations.