At least one person was killed and many injured after Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, came under attack on Saturday morning, the mayor of the city said. 

Mayor Vitali Klitschko noted in televised remarks, “As a result of the morning rocket strike, one person was killed and several injured were hospitalized in the Darnytskyi district of the capital”. 

He added, “Our air defence forces are doing everything possible to protect us, but the enemy is insidious and ruthless”. 

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Earlier, the former boxer urged those who had evacuated not to return, after explosions were heard on Kyiv’s outskirts. 

Klitschko continued “It is no secret that one of the Russian generals recently stated that they were ready for missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital. And, as we see, they are carrying out such shelling”. 

The renewed attacks on Kyiv come after Moscow lost its flagship Moskva, which sank in the Black Sea. Ukraine claimed responsibility for the strike after which tensions in the southern part of the war-torn nation have increased. 

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Russia has also got a new man in charge, Aleksandr Dvornikov or the Butcher of Syria, whose use of indiscriminate airstrikes became infamous. Thus, several cities in Ukraine are now under threat as Moscow attempts to launch a fresh offensive from the east

After Russian forces withdrew from the Kyiv and Chernihiv areas, the European Union decided to resume diplomatic presence in Kyiv but the latest attacks are sure to dissuade such attempts. 

However, Chechen chief Ramzan Kadyrov had already warned Ukraine that Russia would mount a new assault and Kyiv would not be spared. 

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Overall, Russia has seen slow ground movement in Ukraine, which prompted a switch to a reliance on shelling, often targeting civilians. Moscow already stands accused of war crimes and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently urged the US to recognize Russia as a state sponsoring terrorism