Russian National Guard and security forces are dispatched to Makhachkala International Airport as a mob seeks Jewish passengers amid protests.

After learning that an aircraft from Tel Aviv was about to land, a group of reportedly pro-Palestinian activists stormed Makhachkala International Airport in Dagestan, Russia. The situation rapidly deteriorated, resulting in chaotic scenes at the airport.

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As word of the upcoming flight from Tel Aviv spread, a mob entered the airport in search of Jewish passengers, creating a worrying and potentially violent situation. As officials dealt with the problem, the airport was forced to temporarily close, and incoming flights were halted.

The passengers on the aircraft, which was initially destined for Makhachkala, found themselves in a difficult circumstance.  As the protests at Makhachkala International Airport increased, their flight was forced to be diverted to another airport to ensure their safety. Riot police were called in to safeguard the passengers while they were still inside the plane.

Disturbing footage showed protestors rushing through the airport terminal after learning of the inbound flight. Security officers faced considerable difficulty in regaining control of the airport.

Watch the video below:

Dagestan, where the incident occurred, has a primarily Muslim population. According to reports, a significant portion of the protesting crowd comprised of Palestinian expats. 

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To deal with the growing turmoil, the Russian National Guard and hundreds of additional law enforcement officers were dispatched to the airport. Their presence was intended to restore order and safeguard the passengers from additional disruptions. 

Russian security forces have been working diligently to restore order at the airport, and at present, Makhachkala airport is temporarily closed, and incoming flights are on hold until the situation is resolved.