‘Wonder Woman’ star and Israel-born actor Gal Gadot on Sunday announced that she is going to team up again with director Patty Jenkins in a new film about the legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra and thus divided the social media over her casting

The 35-year-old actor said that she will play the titular role in her upcoming movie. Her announcement did not bode well with the fans and the actor was slammed by critics over issues related to race and ethnicity.

The most common comment against the casting of an Israeli as the Queen of Egypt was that an Arab or Black woman should have won the role.

Although many people came in support of Gadot to point out that Cleopatra was neither Arab nor Black, but rather a Macedonian Greek. 

However, Gadot is yet to comment on the issue.

Queen Cleopatra ruled Egypt for three decades. First with her father, then with her two younger brothers, and finally with her son. She is also reputed as the lover of Julius Caesar.