Temur Akhmedov, son of Russian
billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov, was on Wednesday directed by a London court to give
$100 million to his mother Tatiana Akhmedova as part of ongoing divorce proceedings
between herself and her billionaire husband, as per various media reports.

The son helped his father in every
possible way to stop his mother from getting a total of $631 million divorce
payout, as per judge Gwynneth Knowles.

“I reject his case that he was a
mere go-between for his father: the evidence indicated otherwise”, Knowles was
quoted by Reuters as saying.

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He lied to this court on numerous
occasions; breached court orders; and failed to provide full disclosure of his
assets. I find that he is a dishonest individual who will do anything to assist
his father, no doubt because he is utterly dependent on his father for
financial support”, she was further quoted as saying.

The bitter family dispute began in
2016 when a judge in England ordered the billionaire to pay his wife the multi-million-dollar

Reportedly, Akhmedova wants the keys
to a luxury apartment in London, overlooking Hyde Park in the city.

Another one of the main centres of
argument in the case has been a yacht, M.V Luna, built for Russian billionaire
and Chelsea-owner Roman Abramovich, which Farkhad Akhmedov purchased in 2014 for
260 million Euros.

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“Entirely predictably, given its
original wrong and misguided judgment, the London court has ruled in favor of
visiting ‘the sins’ of the father on an innocent and loyal son”, Farhad
Akhmedov was quoted as saying in a statement.

Reportedly, a spokesperson for Temur
Akhmedov said that while the latter disagreed with the ruling, he would
consider it a price worth paying if it would lead to reasonable settlement
between his parents, both of whom he loves.