Images from one of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) recent live streams show as many as 10 unidentified flying objects floating in the space around the International Space Station

A curious space watcher noticed the objects moving past the camera and came up with a theory that the UFOs were forming a circle over the Southern Atlantic Ocean. Although NASA has still not released an official statement, theorists across the globe have been discussing the sightings and what they could mean. The footage of the live stream has gone viral and the internet is abuzz with speculations on social media. 

A user by the name of Mr MBB33 shared the first screenshot of the orb-like objects on YouTube and said, “This is a screengrab from the International Space Station above the South Atlantic, at around 8.30 am.”

He further added, “Ten unknown objects travelling with the space station above the planet Earth.”


Reactions poured in and people couldn’t stop speculating about the presence of the fleet of these 10 UFOs. One of the users wrote, “We see these in northern Michigan! Usually 3 or 4 at a time, they appear and disappear in same area each night! Some are super faint.”

Another one added, “That’s gotta be the most impressive display of outer space visitations I think I’ve ever seen, including Ms. Gena M. C. Hill.”

Some even managed to find humour in the situation and explained it as the arrival of the commander with his fleet to punish the wicked ones. 

Well, Guardians of the galaxy, are they? Guess, we’ll never know. 

UFO sightings and speculation about the presence of aliens have become the common talk in the past few months, what with all the weird viral videos that claim to feature those. Let’s just say it has lately been a gala time for theorists and experts.