Ukraine Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov on Saturday accused Russia of deliberately attacking civilian targets and critical infrastructure.

According to CNN, Reznikov released a statement on Saturday saying that Russian forces had advanced in “some directions” but only controlled “small territories” and were largely being held off by Ukrainian defence forces.

“Obviously, the enemy has advanced in some directions, however, it controls only small areas. Our defenders are severely countering and ousting the occupiers,” CNN reported Reznikov as saying.

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The Ukrainian Defence Minister also added that Russia was “changing tactics” due to stiff resistance by Ukrainians, and that it was primarily using aerial attacks and artillery strikes to soften Ukrainian resistance.

“As of today, the Ukrainian sky is the most vulnerable. The aggressor uses its aerial and missile potential comprehensively and actively. All types of aviation are bombing our cities, towns and civilian infrastructure, including critical infrastructure and dangerous infrastructure, among them — nuclear and hydro power plants,” Reznikov said, highlighting the change in Russian tactics of late.

“The enemy is destroying churches and cathedrals. It is shelling railway stations with thousands of evacuating women and children,” the 55-year-old added.

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Reznikov went on to criticise Russia and its cowardly tactics, saying, “These are the tactics of frightened jackals. I am confident that the enemy will pay for every life and for every tear.”

“We really hope that the humanitarian corridor will work and we will be able to evacuate civilians,” Reznikov further said, hours before Russia reportedly violated a ceasefire in Mariupol during the evacuation of civilians.

The US, however, has refused to label Russian acts of aggression as war crimes up until now, but that could change later as the conflict evolves.

As it stands, the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mariupol are under siege, Kherson has fallen, and many fear that the Russians are headed towards Odessa, a city of tremendous local and regional importance.