Texas Governor Greg Abbott will reportedly be challenged by Beto O’Rourke, a former member of the United States Congress and a member of the Democratic party, in the upcoming elections, according to US media reports.

The challenge for the position of Texas’ Governor will be announced later this year, according to reports from Axios citing anonymous “Texas political operatives”.

However, David Wysong, who is a former member of Kansas‘ state senate, said that “no decision has been made” so far about O’Rourke’s candidacy, according to an Axios report.

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The former lawmaker also said that O’Rourke has been “making and receiving calls with people all over the state”.

Abbott, a member of the Republican party, has severely dented approval ratings in the last few months. A poll, cited by Axios, said that while disapproval votes reached 50%, the approval ratings stood at 41%.

On the flip side, a poll used by the Dallas Morning News revealed that the gap between the incumbent Abbott and O’Rourke has decreased significantly in a hypothetical matchup. A 12 point lead was observed by Abbott in July earlier this year.

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey has also been a person of interest in the Texas poll for the position of Governor. In a poll conducted earlier this year in April, McConaughey won more votes than Texas Governor Greg Abbott in a ‘hypothetical election poll’ published by the University of Texas and The Dallas Morning News.

A new entry in the world of United States politics, McConaughey was ahead of the governor of Texas by 12 points. 45% of people voted for the Hollywood actor while 33% voted for Abbott. 22% of people said they would vote for someone else. 

However, McConaughey has so far made no official announcement about running for Governor in Texas and also not pledged his alliance to any political party.